Member-Written Article Submissions

The SMRP monthly member newsletter, called Solutions Monthly, is proud to feature unique articles written by SMRP members concerning topics important to them and their colleagues. Each quarter has a theme, which is carried out in the newsletters for those months. 

Due to the popularity of this theme in Q3, the theme for Q4 (April-June, according to SMRP's fiscal year) will continue with "innovation and training." Articles must relate to this theme or they will not be considered.

The deadline for submission is typically the last Monday of every month. Because of the Memorial Day holiday in the United States, the deadline for inclusion in the June newsletter is Tuesday, June 1. For inclusion in the July newsletter, the deadline will be June 28, per the usual last-Monday deadline.

All authors will need to complete and submit the following documents to be considered for publication:

Submitted articles are evaluated on the follow criteria:

  • Does the article relate to the appropriate month's topic?
  • Does the article inform, instruct or entertain audience?
  • Does the article cover the basics: who, what, when, where, why and how? 
  • Is the article timely and cover a relevant topic related to the issue theme?
  • Does the article show imagination and creativity?
  • Does the writing have unity, coherence and emphasis? Does it have complete, clear and logically organized information?
  • Does the article demonstrate good editing for grammar, spelling, punctuation, typos and clarity?
  • Does the article have form/style appropriate to content/purpose?
  • Does the article cite authority and sources, if appropriate?
  • Does the article provide background and perspective?

See below for guidelines when considering writing for the magazine:

  • SMRP will not accept articles promoting an individual, company or specific product or offering.
  • All articles must relate to the assigned topic for the month. 
  • Please limit article word length to 2,000 words.
  • Please submit all references in Chicago Style endnotes.

Send your article, any images and biography & release form to [email protected].

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