Exhibit Booth Registration

We are pleased to announce that exhibit booth registration is now open for ‎the SMRP 29th Annual Conference, October 25-28, 2021 in St. Louis, Missouri!

Register for an Exhibit Booth

While SMRP is moving forward under the assumption that we will be able to convene an event with no limitations ‎related to the pandemic, we recognize that there remains uncertainty regarding in-person meetings for our attendees ‎and therefore for many potential exhibitors. With this in mind, we have made changes to our booth registration ‎process for this year.‎

Please click here to review the 2021 Exhibitor Prospectus and Handbook. We urge you to review the prospectus and handbook in advance, as it lays out several changes SMRP has made to the exhibit hall for 2021, including:

  • Expanding the Innovation Lab program and relocating sessions into hard-walled theaters inside the hall

  • Adding continuous coffee service in the hall throughout show hours

  • Expanding exhibit hours

  • Promoting exhibitor drawings/ raffles in the conference mobile app

What has changed for 2021:‎

In prior years, we would typically open exhibit sales with a floor plan in place, allowing ‎exhibitors to choose their actual location on the floor at the time of registration. Due to ‎potential variables such as attendance restrictions, the need to ensure social distancing, ‎or, should all restrictions be lifted prior to October, the possibility of higher than normal ‎booth demand and/ or attendance, we have elected to defer finalizing the 2021 floor plan ‎until March, when we hope to have a better idea of the public health situation. ‎

Exhibitors who register now will have the option of selecting a 10’ x 10’, 10’ x 20’, or 20’ x ‎‎20’ booth and may pay for their booth either at the time of registration or later when they ‎actually select the physical space they will occupy. Registrations will automatically be ‎time stamped by our system and, when the floor plan becomes available, we will reach ‎out to exhibitors in the order they registered to finalize their payment and booth selection.‎

If you have any questions, please contact SMRP staff:

  • For general questions about exhibiting, please contact Sean Hewitt at [email protected]

  • For questions regarding exhibit booth personnel registration or payments, please contact Kelly Kizer at [email protected]

  • For questions about sponsorship, please contact Maryam Ismael at [email protected]

  • For questions regarding SMRP membership (including verification of member status), please email [email protected] or call (404) 252-3663 or (800) 950-7354

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