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Journey to Overachieving Recruiting Practices

Presenter: Joel Crawford

April 23, 2019

This will be a "back to basics" review of recruiting "Best Practices". It is more important then ever with current unemployment rates and lack of available skilled talent to align internally on how to enhance recruiting results.

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Mechatronics: Exploring the Changing Role of Maintenance Technicians 

Presenter: Dan Roessler 

April 24, 2019

Technology adoption from robotics to software to mobile solutions has transformed the operation and maintenance of manufacturing plants. With these changes, the role of maintenance workers has shifted, requiring a multi-discipline approach sometimes referred to as Mechatronics. In this presentation, we cover new maintenance skill requirements, the skills gap in the workforce, the rise of mechatronics programs and where to find qualified resources. 

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7 Habits of a Highly Effective Maintenance Leader

Presenter: Ricky Smith

May 1, 2019

In Maintenance Management, whether a manager or supervisor it is critical to follow habits proven to be effective. In this presentation, I will provide the 7 Habits of an Effective Maintenance Leader based on my experience working with hundreds of leaders around the world, the best of the best and many who struggle every day.

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Germination of a Failure: Why Does Stuff Really Break Down?

Presenter: Robert Latino

May 2, 2019

When front line personnel get really good at responding to failures, they often get accolades for their reactive efforts. A progressive leadership team would be questioning "Why are they getting so much practice?" This session will focus on the impact that flawed organizational systems have on our decision-making capabilities. When we lack adequate information to make an informed decision, we can trigger a series of physical consequences to occur, that will result in an undesirable outcome.

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An Overview of the Productive Leadership System

Presenter: Tom Moriarty

May 7, 2019

This webinar is an overview the Productive Leadership System. Accountability is central to both the asset management system and individual leadership capabilities. A productive leadership system is anchored by an asset management system that creates the direction, guidance and asset requirements and specifies accountability. Individual leaders are then accountable to execute current guidance and with current assets. Productive leadership is a leader, provided with guidance and assets, using leadership roles, attributes, skills and sources of power to influence others to achieve mission goals and objectives. This presentation gives an overview of how accountability, Organizational Reliability and Productive Leadership form a system to drive organizational performance.

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