Website Policy

This policy relates to links to and from the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals, Inc. (SMRP) website(s) not related to members or advertising covered under agreements or member benefits.  Such links are normally to provide additional useful benefit to SMRP members.

Linking to SMRP

SMRP encourages links to the SMRP website(s).  Please refer to the following guidelines when creating a link to SMRP:

  1. SMRP does NOT endorse companies, products or services, and strictly prohibits any suggestion of endorsement, recommendation, or superiority of one company, product or service over another company, product, or service.
  2. SMRP does not allow framing of its website(s).  When setting up a link to SMRP’s website(s), the site should open a new browser window rather than displaying the page in a frame of the linking site’s web page.
  3. SMRP does not allow other websites to copy and reuse information or materials from SMRP’s websites.

Linking from SMRP to External Sites

SMRP websites include links to external websites to help members of SMRP find useful information.  External links may be provided when doing so furthers the mission and goals of SMRP.

The following is SMRP’s policy for providing external links from SMRP websites:  The SMRP Executive Director is responsible for approving/disapproving all requests for a link to an external not-for-profit organization.  External links will be reviewed at least quarterly by the SMRP Executive Director.

  1. Links may be made to the following types of external websites, provided the websites have a registered URL and are appropriate for all ages
    a. Non-profit maintenance organizations
    b. Non-profit reliability organizations
    c. Non-profit trade associations
    d. Non-profit skilled trades associations
    e. Other non-profit organizations related to reliability, maintenance, best practices, bench marking, etc.
    f. SMRP maintained external social media and calendars
  2. Links may NOT be made to the following external websites:
    a. Websites that contain or promote illegal material or activities such as hate speech, pornography, bias, discrimination, libelous or defamatory content;
    b. Websites that are engaged in any activity incongruous with SMRP’s mission and goals;
    c. Websites that contain patently false or misleading information;
    d. Websites for religious or political organization or candidates, or sites that advocate positions on issues not related to SMRP’s mission and goals;
    e. Websites that offer invasive or intrusive advertising such as, but not limited to, continuous pop-up windows with advertising, even if it is for products or services provided by the website to which the page is linked;
    f. Individual or personal web pages;
    g. Blogs or discussions not moderated by SMRP.
  3. SMRP will use caution in linking to sites that contain real time components such as chat rooms and bulletin boards outside moderation control of SMRP.  These sites may not be appropriately monitored or edited by the host and participation criteria may not be posted on the site.
  4. SMRP website(s) do not link to for-profit commercial websites with the exception of member service or other sites under specific contracts or agreements.
  1. Links from SMRP website(s) are provided for convenience and information only, and SMRP assumes no responsibility for their content.  SMRP reserves the right to link to external websites that SMRP feels provides a service to its members.  SMRP makes all efforts to ensure that these links open in new browser windows.  SMRP reserves the right to refuse any link request without condition, and reserves the right to remove posted links on SMRP website(s) without condition or notice.  SMRP websites will not link to any website where such link will violate SMRP’s status as a 501(c)(3) SMRP Foundation, or 501(c)(6) SMRP Society, non-profit corporation.

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