Body of Knowledge

The SMRP Body of Knowledge (BoK) is a roadmap to world-class performance in maintenance, reliability and physical asset management. See details of each of the pillars below and download the BoK using the link below.

Body of Knowledge Infographic

Pillar 1: Business & Management

This subject area describes the skills used to translate an organization’s business goals into appropriate maintenance and reliability goals that support and contribute to the organization’s business results.

Pillar 2: Manufacturing Process Reliability

This subject area relates maintenance and reliability activities to the manufacturing process of the organization to ensure that maintenance and reliability activities improve the manufacturing process.

Pillar 3: Equipment Reliability

This subject area describes two kinds of activities that apply to the equipment and processes for which the maintenance and reliability professional is accountable. First are those activities used to assess the current capabilities of the equipment and processes in terms of their reliability, availability, maintainability and criticality. Second are the activities used to select and apply the most appropriate maintenance practices so that the equipment and processes continue to deliver their intended capabilities in the safest and most cost-effective manner.

Pillar 4: Organization & Leadership

This subject area describes processes for assuring that the maintenance and reliability staff is the most qualified and best assigned to achieve the maintenance and reliability organization goals.

Pillar 5: Work Management

This subject area focuses on the skills used to get the maintenance and reliability work done. It includes scheduling and planning activities, quality assurance of maintenance activities, stores and inventory management.

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