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WWW SIG: Steps to Audit and Benchmark your Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Culture

Presenter: Jeff Shiver, CMRP, CPMM

July 13, 2018

The role of the maintenance planner scheduler is widely recognized as the hub of proactive maintenance in water and wastewater utilities. Yet, there are many reasons that we fail to maximize the return on this investment. Studies have shown that only about 10% of all Planner Schedulers are utilized properly. One approach to maximizing the organization’s investment and making sure you are not part of that statistic is by auditing, and ultimately, benchmarking the Planner Scheduler function.

That said, what criteria would you use to define the audit process? In this webinar, Jeff Shiver CMRP will break down the planner scheduler function into component areas.  These areas will include having a proactive reliability centered vision, management support, education, work management processes, roles and responsibilities, tools such as the CMMS/ EAM, criticality, priority; job planning, materials management, backlog, scheduling, coordination, auditing, and metrics.

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P&B SIG: Leadership From All Levels - Efficient Organizations

Presenter: Rob Bishop, CMRP, CRL, IAM ISO 55K

July 18, 2018

Hosted by the Pharmaceutical & Biotech SIG, this webinar covers how organizations are too small and lean to ignore opportunities from within their ranks to provide leadership. Most organizations are not efficient at getting the most from everyone. We will evaluate opportunities to improve the efficiency by engaging everyone.

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Importance of Risk Assessment and Risk Control Hierarchy in Electrical Safety Programs: NFPA 70E

Presenter: Bhanu Srilla

July 31, 2018

Risk reduction is the foundation of a profound electrical safety program. Electrical safety is all about minimizing risks to acceptable levels that protect both workers and employers from devastating effects of electrical shock and arc-flash hazards. Electrical safety is only achieved when the equipment design, safety controls, policies and procedures all come together in harmony when a task is performed by the worker.

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Operational Excellence in the Maintenance & Reliability Fields

Presenter: Husain Al Ali

August 13, 2018

Starting with a basic definition of maintenance and operational excellence, then offer a road map for operational excellence, the soft skills that are required to be adopted in the culture of an organization, and the role of work management, with explanations of its elements, to achieve long-lasting benefits to the organization. 

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The Future of Predictive Technology

Presenter: David Bukowitz

August 16, 2018

The presentation looks at the future technology path of predictive maintenance. Artificial Intelligence will become an analytical tool in the future. Cloud technology will increase the ubiquity of data and resolve data storage and accessibility issues that constrict legacy technologies. The presenter will show how these technologies work, intersect and will improve predictive maintenance programs.

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