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Asset Remote Monitoring Considerations Using Ultrasound

Presenter: Adrian Messer, CMRP

January 30, 2018

Airborne and structure-borne ultrasound technology has become a major player in predictive and preventative maintenance. Ultrasound has been proven and accepted by maintenance and reliability professionals globally across many industry and manufacturing sectors. Because of advancements in technology and software, potential electrical and mechanical failures can be diagnosed early; therefore, allowing for more time to plan, schedule, kit, and perform work that would have otherwise been more reactive without the use of a condition monitoring tool like ultrasound. This presentation will focus on remote continuous monitoring applications using ultrasound. Considerations will include: What assets can be monitored? What failures are detectable? What type of data can I expect to see? 

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How Proper Grouting Practices Increase MTBF

Presenter: Ahren Lehner

February 6, 2018

There are a number of considerations to properly design and install rotating or critical equipment systems with the goal of optimizing operating reliability: reducing operating costs, extending Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF), and increasing the foundation life-span. This technical session provides an overview into different design considerations and installation best practices for achieving optimum performance from the equipment system and how attention to proper grouting practices is an essential component of this goal.

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Selling Reliability - A Plan to Break Out of Budget Jail

Presenter: Torbjorn Idhammar

February 15, 2018

This Business and Management presentation gives the participants an understanding of simple financial calculations that make the case for reliability in maintenance in terms that purchasing and the CFO will understand.

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Organizing and Understanding Data for Sound Asset Management

Presenter: Kevin Crittendon

February 21, 2018

This is a "teach them to fish" styled webinar focused on obtaining, organizing, and understanding data for decisions related to the management of facilities and operational assets.  The focus will be on using a common desktop tool (MS Excel) to organize and understand CMMS data in a manner that leads to specific improvement actions. The approach described in this session uses basic data charts to clarify, "where are we towards our objectives" and "what should we focus on for maximum impact". MS Excel elements covered include, Calculated Fields, Charts, Pivot Tables, and Text to Columns.

This webinar is being presented on behalf of the Carolinas Chapter.

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Actionable Information from Your CMMS System

Presenter: Rob Garbus, PMP, CMRP

March 30, 2018

After collecting work order and material data for years, there are certain queries and reports that can provide actionable information from most any CMMS system.

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