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SMRP Professional development webinars are organized within the Body of Knowledge topics below. Members receive complimentary access and non-members pay $35 per webinar.

Pillar 1: Business & Management

Professional development webinars in Pillar 1 include topics related to:

  • Strategic Planning/Direction
  • Organization Plan Management
  • Performance Measurement
  • Organization Change Management
  • Stakeholder Communication

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Pillar 2: Manufacturing Process Reliability

Professional development webinars in Pillar 2 include topics related to:

  • Process Understanding
  • Process Improvement
  • Process Change Management
  • Technical Standards and Compliance

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Pillar 3: Equipment Reliability

Professional development webinars in Pillar 3 include topics related to:

  • Reliability Expectation Identification
  • Equipment Reliability Improvement
  • Existing Asset Management, Planning and Strategy
  • New Asset Management, Planning and Strategy
  • Asset Cost Justification
  • Equipment Reliability Plan Implementation
  • Maintenance Delivery

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Pillar 4: Organization & Leadership

Professional development webinars in Pillar 4 include topics related to:

  • Organizational Requirements
  • Organizational Capability
  • Organizational Structure
  • Personnel Development
  • Personnel Leadership and Management

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Pillar 5: Work Management

Professional development webinars in Pillar 5 include topics related to:

  • Work Prioritization and Planning
  • Work Schedule Development and Management
  • Performance Management
  • Work Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Resource and Material Management

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