Keynote Presentations

Opening Keynote

Destin Sandlin

Destin Sandlin is a missile flight test engineer at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama. He is best known for his educational video series, Smarter Every Day (SED), a YouTube channel started in 2007. His channel has over four million subscribers and over 300 million views. Episodes of SED revolve around scientific exploration and discovery, including flight and space, hypoxia on the human brain, the curiously sturdy Prince Rupert's drop, the physics of potato guns and a nearly-impossible to ride bicycle that turns the opposite direction of its handle bars. Destin graduated from The University of Alabama with a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering, and from The University of Alabama Huntsville with a degree in aerospace engineering. He currently lives in Huntsville, Alabama, with his wife and four children.

Closing Keynote

Jack Nicholas, Jr., PE, CMRP, CRL

Jack R. Nicholas, Jr., PE (California) CMRP, CRL, has been project manager and developer of predictive, condition monitoring technologies and maintenance and reliability programs for over 40 years. He began as a senior civilian engineer on US Navy nuclear submarines and surface warships for 17 years, and then as consultant to and trainer of key personnel in government facilities, oil field services, mining, refining, utilities and manufacturing firms in North America (Canada, USA) Australia, Asia (China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong) and the Caribbean for the past 25 years. 

He has advised and trained US and UK government agency personnel (Defense, Energy, Space and Nuclear Regulation) and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) on best maintenance practices, including RCM, predictive condition monitoring and related matters. He was founder of what is now called PdMA Inc., where he conceived its first motor circuit analysis suite and helped recruit and lead its R & D Team. He helped bring the product to commercial success in the mid-1990’s. 

Jack is author, co-author, and/or editor of 12 books on maintenance and reliability subjects and contributor to many others. He served the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals Certifying Organization (SMRPCO) for seven years from its startup in 2000 as Board Member, Exam Director, Team Leader and Chairman of both Certification and Accreditation Committees.

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