Submit an Appeal or Complaint

Individuals, candidates and certificants may, at times, wish to file an appeal or complaint to SMRPCO. All appeals and complaints must be made by submitting one of the forms linked below.


An appeal is a formal request for special consideration regarding a decision made by the Certification Commission or its representatives related to an individual’s achievement or retention of a certification.

An appeal must be submitted electronically by submitting this form. The appeal must be submitted no later than 30 days after notification by SMRPCO of the adverse decision.

All relevant supportive documentation must be included or referenced in the appeal submission.

Certification Program Complaints

Individuals with concerns regarding the certification program materials, personnel or activities are encouraged to discuss these with the individuals involved to try to resolve the matter informally. In some cases, however, informal resolution is not possible, and individuals may wish to file a formal complaint.

A formal complaint must be submitted electronically online using this form within 90 days of the incident’s occurrence. In the case of complaints related to exam administration, those must be submitted within two weeks after the applicable exam administration. The submission will include sufficient objective evidence to substantiate the claim(s) and appropriate action to be taken. Dissatisfaction based on hearsay will not be considered as a complaint. Anonymous complaints will not be considered.

Complaint Against Certificant

SMRPCO certificants commit to adhering to the standards set out in the SMRPCO Code of Ethics. 

A complaint against a certificant must be submitted electronically online using this form. A complaint must meet four criteria:

  • Specific to a section of the SMRPCO Code of Ethics
  • In writing by the individual lodging the complaint
  • Supported by definitive and specific evidence of such accusation
  • Made against a current holder of a SMRPCO certification

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