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A foundational belief in developing this examination is that professionals in the maintenance and reliability industry learn critical knowledge, skills and abilities from a variety of sources, both on the job and from outside training; therefore, no specific work experience or education are required for the certification. Nevertheless, there are a number of resources that can aid in preparing for the CMRP exam, such as the SMRP Body of Knowledge, practice questions and recommended readings. For guidance about long term preparation, check the roadmap to the CMRP.  

The Body of Knowledge

There are five pillars in SMRP's maintenance and reliability Body of Knowledge for professionals: Business & Management, Manufacturing Process Reliability, Equipment Reliability, Organization & Leadership, and Work Management. The critical knowledge, skills and abilities under each of these pillars are outlined in the CMRP Candidate Guide for Certification and Recertification.

SMRP also offers a more comprehensive reference document known as the SMRP Guide to the Maintenance and Reliability Body of Knowledge. It is available for instant online access in the SMRP Library for  $75.00 (USD). Click here to purchase the document. 

Practice Questions

The CMRP Candidate Guide for Certification and Recertification contains several practice questions that are designed to familiarize applicants with CMRP exam content.  

Recommended Readings

Business & Management
Maintenance Strategy Business-Centered Maintenance by Anthony Kelly    ISBN: 13 978-0750624176
The Toyota Way: 14 Management Principles from the World's Greatest Manufacurer by Jeffery Liker 
ISBN:  9780071 392310 

Manufacturing Process Reliability
Juran’s Quality Handbook, 6th ed. by Joseph Defeo and Joseph Juran    ISBN: 978-0-07-162973-7
Maintenance & Reliability Best Practices by Ramesh Gulatti    ISBN: 978-0-83-113434-1
World Class Manufacturing: The Lessons of Simplicity Applied by Richard J. Schonberger    ISBN: 978-1-416-59254-9
Equipment Reliability
RCM-Gateway to World Class Maintenance by Anthony M. Smith    ISBN: 978-0750674614
Making Common Sense Common Practice: Models for Manufacturing Excellence by Ron Moore  ISBN: 978-0750678216

Organization & Leadership
The Leadership Challenge: How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations (J-B Leadership Challenge: Kouzes/Posner) by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner    ISBN: 978-1119278962
Successfully Installing TPM in a Non-Japanese Plant: Total Productive Maintenance by Edward H. Hartmann
ISBN: 978-1882258000
Diagnosing and Changing Organizational Culture: Based on teh Competing Values Framework by Kim S. Cameron and Robert E. Quinn    ISBN: 978-0470650264
Work Management
Computerized Maintenance Management Systems by Terry Wireman    ISBN: 978-0831130541
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Handbook by Richard (Doc) D. Palmer (first 3 chapters)    ISBN: 978-0071784115 

Third-Party Training

SMRPCO does not endorse any outside person, preparation course or product in connection with the CMRP certification program. We do, however, endorse training conducted by SMRP Approved Providers who are recognized as providing best-in-class reliability and physical asset management training that aligns with SMRP's BoK and/or GFMAM's Asset Management Landscape.  

SMRPCO Impartiality Statement

SMRPCO understands the importance of impartiality and commits to act impartially in carrying out its certification activities, manage conflicts of interest and ensure the objectivity of its certification activities.

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